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Feb 21, 2020 Banking by Garuda
Liberalization brought several changes to Indian service industry. Probably Indian banking industry learnt a tremendous lesson. Pre-liberalization, all we did at a bank was deposit and withdraw money. Service standards were pathetic, but all we could do was grin and bear it. Post-liberalization, the tables have turned. It’s a consumer oriented market there.   Technology
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Type of Loans In Banks

Feb 20, 2020 Banking by Garuda
In today’s world, where money plays a very vital role in everyone’s life it is very important source or having a place from where you can take a loan. Money emergencies can come up at any point of time where you can’t run to ask money from people, at that point of time banks are
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Internet Banking: Relevance in a Changing World

Jan 29, 2020 Banking by Garuda
There are clear indications that the shift towards a “next generation” online banking environment has already been set in motion. It is only a matter of time before these trends become the norm. Leveraging of Social Networks Forward thinking banks are leveraging existing social networks on external sites to increase their visibility among interested groups.
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